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Age-specific and easy to follow, our recipes and meal plans are designed to help make mealtime nutritious, fun, and just a little bit simpler.

Ancient whole grain cereal with strawberry on top in blue bowl, wooden spon, light blue naption with dark stripes, wood backdrop

Recipes & Meal Plans | 6+ Months

Whole Ancient Grain Baby Cereal

white dish of lentils with veggies on top, orange spoon. sitting on top of green cloth square

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months

Lentil Stew

raw steak, salmon, skinless chicken breast, white beans, eggs, cauliflower, chickpeas and basil. crumbled cheese on a counter

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Meal Plan for Low Iron


Superfoods don’t have to be super complicated. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients your child will love, our recipes are as easy to follow as they are tough to top.


Growing up happens one meal at a time. Make the most of every one with time-saving weekly plans created with smart ingredients tailored to your child’s age and stage.

Serve Up Those Superfoods

Serve Up Those Superfoods

Serve Up Those Superfoods

Our Happy Family Organic Superfoods Cookbook for Baby & Toddler is chock-full of yummy, easy-to-prepare meals your whole family will love.

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