How We Ensure Quality at Every Step

At Happy Family Organics, we are on a mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition. We are proud to be a leader in the baby food industry, with among the strictest quality & safety standards in the U.S, led by our passionate team of 80+ quality & food safety experts (and parents too).

As part of our mission, we are dedicated to choosing high quality ingredients, while also working to minimize the presence of inherently present heavy metals. Every single product lot that reaches shelves, homes, and highchairs has passed +100 quality tests, including testing of finished goods for inorganic arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium, at a third-party accredited laboratory - meeting all FDA standards as well as our high internal standards. Find out more about Happy Family’s Quality and Standards.

A core part of our Quality & Food Safety program is reducing the levels of heavy metals inherently present in our products to as low as reasonably achievable, while still providing nutrient-dense organic food to babies. Trace amounts of heavy metals like inorganic arsenic and lead are present in the environment, including in the air, water and soil where crops are grown. In turn, small amounts cannot be completely avoided in wholesome ingredients like grains, fruits, and vegetables that are the basis of baby foods. Many everyday foods like sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots may contain trace amounts of these elements—whether prepared at home or sold as packaged food. Happy Family does not add these elements to its products, nor can they be extracted from its ingredients.

Babies need nutrition provided by grains, fruits and veggies as part of a balanced diet to develop and grow, and the FDA recommends a variety of foods be provided to babies. We fully support FDA’s “Closer to Zero Action Plan,” which aims to develop science-based federal standards to reduce heavy metals in young children’s food and are committed to working with the agency to tackle this complicated challenge. Learn more about the FDA’s guidance on the safety of baby food and what is being done to improve the quality of the food supply.

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