Our mission is to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition.

We nourish little ones.

We support families.

We protect our planet.

Happy Family has proudly been a certified B Corp since 2011.

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We’re committed to organic.

As a mom-founded and parent-operated company, there’s nothing more important to us than what we feed our children. That’s why our food has none of the artificial hormones, toxic persistent pesticides, or GMOs allowed in conventional farming—just healthy ingredients from earth-friendly organic farms.

We believe so strongly in organic, we’ve purchased 102 million pounds of ingredients from organic farmers since 2013—and we’re just getting started!

Why organic?

See the difference between organic and other common farming practices.

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  • Mandatory certification
  • NO GMO’s allowed
  • NO toxic persistent pesticides
  • NO synthetic fertilizers
  • NO sewage sludge & irradiation
  • NO antibiotics & growth hormones

*Non-GMO claims do not require a certification, unlike the Non-GMO Project Verified claim, which includes rigorous testing to verify the absence of GMOs.

**The term natural has not been regulated by the FDA and has no legal definition.

We believe in enlightened nutrition.

Here’s what that means.

We choose:

Ingredients that make sense for your little one’s age and stage.

We partner:

With pediatricians, dietitians, and children’s health experts we trust—so your family can trust our organic food.

We include:

Key supplements like DHA/ARA, probiotics, choline, plus superfoods like kale, quinoa, chia, and flaxseed, so your little one gets the most out of every bite.


Happy To Help:
our Nutrition Education Initiative

Nutrition education

Our Nutrition Education program provides small group workshops, nutrition education materials, and support for organizations leading research-based nutrition health efforts.


educational materials distributed to 14 non-profits.


3 nutrition education partnerships

Nutritious meal donation



donated in 2017 and

over 2,000,000

in the last 3 years to organizations like:



worth of organic food to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico last year, plus additional donations to crisis areas where children needed food.


The health of our planet affects the health of our children, so it’s important to us to cultivate a sustainable world for them to grow up in today and inherit tomorrow. Here are some of the ways we protect our planet for our little ones.

We design our products with the planet in mind.

  • We optimized materials by removing excess cardboard and decreasing the thickness of the box. These small changes save almost 10 tons of packaging annually!
  • Our pouches can’t be recycled (yet!), but they still have numerous environmental benefits. From raw material extraction to transportation, flexible packaging requires less energy and fewer raw materials to produce, and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the alternatives. We’re also active members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s flexible film recovery working group and OSC2’s compostable packaging working group.
  • We increased post-consumer recycled (PCR) content from 35% to 65%. That means that your little one may have doodled in a coloring book that became his or her four-pack!

We design our products with the planet in mind.

Our packaging aims to optimize materials, maximize recycled content, and minimize impact on the environment.

Interact with this pack to learn more about how we’re actively working to improve in each of these areas!

Our ingredients come from organic farms and sustainable sources.

All of our palm oil (we use very little!) is RSPO-certified, so we don’t contribute to deforestation.

Our offices are filled with earth-friendly employees.

We composted over



of food waste between 2015 and 2017.


We offset 100% of our carbon emissions from our offices & employee travel.


We’re working to create a better world for babies and families, but we can’t do it alone.