Impacting Change

We work with families participating in WIC – a government-funded program that offers nutritional support to low-income women and children – providing the education and support they need. We supply nutrition focused, research based non-profits with bilingual material around feeding, from starting solids to meal planning. And we do this so that every family can make the best decisions for their babies nutrition.
The Happy Family team works hard to make sure we’re reaching the families that need us most:
See how our Happy Family team supports communities through advocacy and action:

Happy to Help

We created our Happy to Help program to educate and support families based on their unique needs. Through food donations, small group workshops, educational materials, partnerships, and volunteering, we push ourselves and the work we do every day to empower parents and caregivers to make the right choices for their family. Since 2015, we’ve donated 3,133,018 meals and snacks around the world through Happy to Help.

Partnering with Purpose

In addition to our nutrition education partnerships, we’ve been donating to non-profit organizations since before our first product ever entered a grocery store in 2006!

We take great pride in these relationships, which provide life-changing support for families across the globe: