Our Team of Experts

We know parenting often means sleepless nights, stressful days, and countless questions and confusion, and we want to support you in your feeding journey and beyond. Our Happy Baby Experts are a team of lactation specialists and registered dietitians certified in infant and maternal nutrition – and they’re all moms, too, which means they’ve been there and seen that. They’re here to help on our free, live chat platform Mon-Fri 8am-8pm (ET), and Sat-Sun 8am-4pm (ET).

Proud to support families

Our mentors have helped over 50,000 families with questions they have about feeding their little ones – from breastfeeding or bottle feeding their newborn, to starting solids and meal planning for picky little eaters. Our Happy Baby Experts are always happy to help.Here’s what some of our happy parents are saying:

I'm so grateful or this advice. Thank you, thank you! And wow, this chat is so amazing and so efficient.

- Mom to 4 month old

Feel better mentally after talking to you. We can do this! This service is amazing. Really thankful I found it! Mom to two week old, baby is cluster feeding.

- Mom to 2 week old

This is such a relief to hear. I'm serious, you are a lifesaver! You're amazing. Thank you so SO MUCH! I don't have any other questions, you were outstanding! You're a godsend! I've learned so much!

- Mom to 9 month old

Okay. That's good advice. I really appreciate it! This is a great service.

- Dad to 13 month old