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mac & cheese in a bowl with a orange spoon on a green napkin

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

Banana & yogurt muffins

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months | Breakfast

Banana & yogurt muffins

white plate of waffles topped with bananas and blueberries with a blue napkin and wooden fork

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Sweet Potato Waffles

tortellini on a stick, sauce on the side

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Tortellini On-a-Stick with Marinara Dipping Sauce


Enlightened nutrition, one meal at a time.

pregnant woman cutting up an apple

Recipes & Meal Plans | Mama | Pregnant

Meal Plan to Help Manage and Prevent Cravings

Handful of triangular shaped crackers

Recipes & Meal Plans | Mama | Pregnant

Meal Plan to Help Manage Morning Sickness

woman sitting in a chair breastfeeding a baby

Recipes & Meal Plans | Breastfeeding | Nutrition

Getting the Right Nutrition While Breastfeeding

woman eating salad with bowls of ingredients around her: leafy greens, veggies, cottage cheese, fruit, herbs in pestle, dish of dressing

Recipes & Meal Plans | Mama | Pregnant

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

African-American woman preparing meal in kitchen surrounded by bottle of oil, spices, disesh of vegetables and fruits.

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Vegan Meal Plan for Breastfeeding or Pregnant Women

toddler eating a healthy meal

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months | Little Ones

18-24 months meal plan

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Baby taking brocolli from a brocollo and carrot bowl while being held by parent

Nutrients to look for at 6-12 months

Relative to their size, babies have a...

Toddler eating Yogurt with a spoon

Probiotics 101

Probiotics seem to be everywhere these...

Pasta with cheese and peas

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months | Dinner

Cheesy peasy pasta