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three bowls of fruit salad

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Stay Fresh Fruit Salad

wood bowl of muesli with apricot pieces and yogurt drops, wood spoon, muesli scattered on counter

Recipes & Meal Plans | 6+ Months

Baby Muesli with Peach Yogurt

white plate of waffles topped with bananas and blueberries with a blue napkin and wooden fork

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Sweet Potato Waffles

wooden spoon, root veggie

Recipes & Meal Plans | 6+ Months

Root Vegetable Puree


Enlightened nutrition, one meal at a time.

Bowl of yogurt, peaches, oats and almonds

Recipes & Meal Plans | Development | Little Ones | Mama

Meal Plan for Building Strong Bones

pregnant woman eating a healthy snack

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Meal Plan for Reducing Added Sugar

Baby on a counter grabbing a stalk of broccoli out of a bowl of vegetables

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Mama | Nutrition

Brain Boosting Meal Plan for Vegetarians

mom cutting food in the kitchen with her baby strapped to her chest looking up

Recipes & Meal Plans | Breastfeeding | Healthy Eating | Pregnant

Maximizing Healthy Taste Development While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

woman sitting in a chair breastfeeding a baby

Recipes & Meal Plans | Breastfeeding | Nutrition

Getting the Right Nutrition While Breastfeeding

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berries and oats recipe for a berry muesli

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months | Breakfast

Berry muesli

Pasta with cheese and peas

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months | Dinner

Cheesy peasy pasta

Toddler eating a spoonful of yogurt

Got a tot? Reach for yogurt

When it comes to feeding your child,...