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three bowls of fruit salad

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Stay Fresh Fruit Salad

Yogurt on pancakes and blueberries on pancake above a white polkadot and blue napkin

Recipes & Meal Plans | 9+ Months | Breakfast

Yummy yogurt pancakes

cheesebites on a plate above a green napkin

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Broccoli & Cheese nuggets

Seven broccoli and cheddar egg cups on oven rack.

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Broccoli and Cheddar Egg Cups

Green smoothie in child's plastic sippy cup with blue lid and straw next to it

Recipes & Meal Plans | 6+ Months

Avocado Green Smoothie for Baby

Chocolate Avocado popsicle

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months

Chocolate Avocado Yogurt Popsicles


Enlightened nutrition, one meal at a time.

pregnant woman eating a healthy snack

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Meal Plan for Reducing Added Sugar

toddler eating a healthy meal

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months | Little Ones

Meal Plan for 18 to 24 Months Old Toddlers

woman chopping spinach with grapefruit, dishes of blueberries and raspberries on kitchen counter

Recipes & Meal Plans | Mama | Pregnant

Meal Plan for Constipation Relief During Pregnancy

woman cooking chicken skewers in a cast iron skillet

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Managing Your Sodium Intake

bread, peanut butter with banana cut seasoned

Recipes & Meal Plans | Healthy Eating | Nutrition

Meal Plan for Increasing Whole Grains

mom cutting food in the kitchen with her baby strapped to her chest looking up

Recipes & Meal Plans | Breastfeeding | Healthy Eating | Pregnant

Maximizing Healthy Taste Development While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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Mom spoon feeding baby yogurt

Why yogurt is a great first food for baby

With its versatility, yogurt is a...

child sitting next to a plate of veggies while eating a tomato

Recipes & Meal Plans | 12+ Months | 6+ Months | 7+ Months

Meal Plan for Vegetarian or Vegan Infants and Toddlers

Toddler eating yogurt with yogurt on mouth and nose

How to incorporate yogurt into your child’s diet

The yogurt section in the grocery store...