Should I Give My Baby Cereal in a Bottle?

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What should I know about putting baby cereal in a bottle?

  • Cereal is a nutrient-dense first food for babies when they are ready to start solids

  • While some people add cereal to baby’s bottle to help with sleep or reflux, there is currently no evidence to support doing so

You may have heard from friends, relatives, or the internet that putting cereal in your baby’s bottle can help baby sleep through the night, help fill them up, or help reduce spit up or colic. And certainly, something that seems like an ‘easy fix’ may be very tempting to try.

While cereal is nutrient-dense and makes a good first food for baby, studies do not support putting cereal in baby’s bottle for sleep or reflux.1,2,3

Read on to learn when cereal is a great addition to baby’s diet and when it may be better avoided.

When and how cereal can be added to baby’s diet

Before about 6 months, human milk and infant formula provide all the nutrition your baby needs.12 Once they reach 6 months, your little one’s calorie and nutrient needs begin to exceed what breastmilk and formula provide.11

At this point, a fortified baby cereal makes a great complementary first food, providing carbohydrates, iron, zinc, and other important nutrients.13

The best way to introduce cereal to your baby is by spoon-feeding.

Babies are usually excellent at self-regulating how much they eat and drink. Spoon-feeding helps put baby in control of how much they eat, as long as you pay attention to their hunger and fullness cues and stop feeding when they indicate they are done.14

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Why is putting cereal in a bottle not recommended?

People may add cereal to their baby’s bottle to help them sleep longer or to help with reflux. However, research does not show that this feeding practice will help with either of these, in fact, it may come with some risks.

Below are some of the reasons pediatric experts do not recommend adding cereal to a baby’s bottle.

Cereal provided in a bottle may increase the risk of:

Overfeeding and excessive weight gain.4,5

Babies have difficulty judging how many calories they are taking in and how full they are when cereal is added to a bottle. This may lead to them taking in more calories than needed.


Not only are babies not prepared for this thicker liquid, some parents cut the nipple wider on the bottle for the cereal to go through; both of these scenarios increase the risk of your baby choking.4,6


Your baby is at higher risk of aspirating the thickened milk. This is when liquids or solids get trapped in baby’s lungs.

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When might cereal in a bottle be recommended for baby?

Some studies show that cereal in a bottle can help with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD),2,3 although other research doesn’t show any benefit.7

Because some evidence supports mixing cereal into a bottle for GERD, some pediatricians may decide the benefits outweigh the risks and recommend this practice if your baby has been diagnosed.

If this is the case, the pediatrician will provide specific instructions on how to safely mix cereal into infant formula or breastmilk.

Remember that baby spit-up or “reflux” differs from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a diagnosed illness with specific symptoms and treatments.8,9

It’s important to discuss this fully with your baby’s pediatrician.

The bottom line

Unless your baby’s pediatrician has directed you to do so, it is best to avoid cereal in baby’s bottle.

If your baby has GERD, discuss options with their doctor.

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