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    Supporting Families Through the Formula Shortage

Focusing Our Efforts to Increase Access & Supply

You’ve put your trust in us to nourish and support your little one from day one, and that’s something we take personally and seriously. We are a team of parents — many of whom depend on formula for their littlest ones — and we understand the emotions that come with this stage of infant feeding coupled with the unprecedented formula shortage. Finding a formula that works for your little one can be challenging, and our team is working tirelessly to keep shelves stocked for you.

It’s been our priority to continue to find ways to increase production and push for more supply of our Happy Baby formulas, and we are working closely with our retailer partners to deliver as much formula as possible. For the most up-to-date information on our infant formula supply, including where you can find stock of our formula near you, please visit the link here.

We’re here to support you with answers to your questions and concerns — you can always connect with us at parents@happyfamilyorganics.com.

—Anne Laraway, CEO & Mom-in-Chief

Partnering with Danone to Help Alleviate the Formula Shortage

We are committed to fulfilling our mission to bring high quality nutrition to babies and support families who depend on formula. While we continue to do everything we can to increase our Happy Baby formula supply produced in the US, we want to do more to support these families. That's why we've partnered closely with our parent company, Danone — the #2 global maker of infant formula — as well as the US government, to help address this critical need.

The FDA is also working to address the infant formula shortage, temporarily allowing the importation of infant formula brands that meet its strict standards for safety, quality, and nutritional adequacy for babies.

Now with the FDA’s clearance and in partnership with Danone, we are bringing the #1 formula brand in Europe, Aptamil, into the United States to help mitigate the nationwide shortage. Aptamil formula is backed by 50 years of research in early life sciences, and trusted by parents. You can learn more about Aptamil formula, and search for store availability, here.

Our Team is Here for You

We know how challenging and scary this time is for caregivers, and while we do all that we can to get more formula to the market, we also want to share that our team of infant feeding experts and lactation consultants — the Happy Baby Experts (available on our website, 7 days a week) — are here to help provide free one-on-one live support to all families.

Our experts can help parents who are looking to switch formula brands, provide useful information for those sourcing donor milk, share tips on how to increase milk supply when supplementing, and more.

Always consult your baby's pediatrician before making any changes to their feeding routine.

Answers to Top Questions

You can find answers to the top questions our experts are hearing from families, here.

You can find answers regarding our infant formula supply, here.

Customer Support

As always, our Customer Service team is also available for 1-on-1 support to help try to locate infant formula near you. You can reach them at parents@happyfamilyorganics.com.