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Bananas, Spinach & Blueberries Pouch

$1.79 / pouch
4 oz pouch
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This yummy blend of organic banana, spinach, and blueberries includes added prebiotic fiber to help support digestive health, and beta-glucan to help support the immune system. Meet your new snack time hero.

2+ Years
Immune + Digestive Support
2g Prebiotic Fiber
35mg Beta-Glucan

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When I opened a pouch the puree seems clumpy and/or watery? Is this safe?
Why is there sometimes a darker plug of puree in the spout of the pouch upon opening? Is this a food safety concern?
Are Happy Baby and Happy Tot pouches allergy-friendly?
Why is the texture different amongst pouches?
Why does the color differ among pouches of the same flavor?

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