Banana + Chocolate

.99 oz (Bar of 30)
($0.90 / Bar)
This gluten-free bar has no added sugar or preservatives. Whole grain oats, milled flaxseed, bananas and yummy chocolate combine for a satisfying snack that helps keep your kiddo’s engine running.
No preservatives
Made from real organic fruits
No added sweeteners
Nutrition starts here.
Inspired by the ideal nutrition provided by breast milk, we carefully select each of the ingredients in our formula.
Nature has all the sweetness we need—which is why our bars are sweetened with delicious organic fruit, not added sweeteners.
These super seeds offer protein power, fiber, and Omega-3 (ALA).
Gluten free and wholesome, the protein and fiber in whole grain oats helps keep your kiddo moving through any activity.
Calcium supports healthy bone growth, making it an essential nutrient for growing bodies during key stages of development.

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