Happy Family Organics

Nutrition On A Mission Promo

The Promotion will be conducted in the U.S. at participating retail stores (“Participating Locations”) from September 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021 (the “Promotion Period”).


Happy Family Organics will donate one baby or toddler pouch or snack (“Product”) for every 8 Products purchased at the Participating Locations during the Promotion Period.


Minimum donation of 100,000 Products and maximum donation of 260,000 Products. Each Product has an approximate value of $1.59. The overall donation will be calculated based on the total number of Products sold, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 8. For example, if 793 Products are sold, the donation will be calculated as if 800 Products were sold, and Sponsor will donate 100 Products.


All donations will be made by Happy Family Organics to Convoy of Hope , a national nonprofit organization committed to supporting families through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach and disaster response.


Participating Retailers: 


  • – BuyBuy Baby
  • – Kroger
  • – Raley’s
  • – Albertsons
  • – Meijer
  • – Wegmans
  • – Fresh Direct